Summer Practical Life

Summer is here, and with it a lightening of the food we make. Think edible flowers, berries picked with our own hands, local farms and markets, and uh.. ice-cream..

1. Homemade granola with edible flowers

We saw a similar granola bowl at a farmer’s market, where the stallholder would freshly pluck pansies from a potted bush and put them in. The children enjoyed their first experience decorating and eating edible flowers!

2. Ice lollies

Chop raspberries, cut mint and pour coconut water over.

3. Ice-cream

It’s a treat. We generally give our children healthy food, as many parents do, but when the weather is warm, we have no qualms enjoying ice-cream with our children once in a while. Served with metal bowls and spoons to enhance the coolness. Scooping and sprinkling fun in our “home ice-cream parlour”.

4. Homemade strawberry sorbet

I wanted to try ice-cream in a bag but this was an even healthier and easier version with just two ingredients, your fruit of choice and honey.

This was how it looked after it was blended. Now to freeze it!

5. Daisy chains

Summer calls for picnics. One thing I learnt here is to make daisy chains. The children are not quite able to make the holes in the daisy stems yet, so I am mainly doing it and modelling concentration, but at some point it will be like a natural extension of all the sewing work the children do in their Montessori schools.

A little off-topic but this gorgeous book is perfect for summer –not Montessori as it features two girls talking to animals and visiting forest cafes and hotels– but a whimsical description of exploring the great outdoors. (Tips on choosing Montessori-friendly books here)


6. Berry picking 

If we think that a supermarket facilitates sensorial exploration, how much more a farm where the children can pick their own berries and vegetables for the first time!

Gross motor too.

The joy of picking one’s own fruit, transporting it and finally cooking with it, all in one day! We made courgette lime cake, sambal chilli courgette and French bean omelette, just for dinner today. And we will be turning our punnets of strawberries and raspberries into jam. What a real farm-to-table experience!

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