A look inside the art studio of a Montessori/ Waldorf school (Part 2)

Last week, I shared with you about Woodentots (insta here and website here), a wonderful Montessori/ Waldorf school in London. If the setting was not gorgeous enough, they also have a children’s art studio in this lush garden.

A cosy art studio filled with light…

And all manner of loose parts. (Create your own art space at home based on Montessori principles.)

The art studio is also a perfect reading nook. (How to choose Montessori-friendly books here)

Home to an incubator of freshly-hatched chicks.

And gathering over lunch.

Thank you so much Woodentots for having me! An interview with their founder, Paula Woodman, and photo spam of their indoor and outdoor classrooms here.

Do also visit my FB page where I’m currently posting summer practical life activities and gearing up to attend AMI’s 6-12 Elementary Assistant Training.


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