Spring Unit Part 2: Flowers, Butterflies and Birds

It is my children’s first time experiencing spring, so we are basking in the glorious weather outdoors, but also bringing the outdoors in with a slate of no-cost flower, butterfly and bird activities. 1. Flower arranging  A springtime unit simply wouldn’t be complete without this year-round favourite: flower arranging. One of those activities where math… Continue reading Spring Unit Part 2: Flowers, Butterflies and Birds

STEM, STEAM and Montessori

Should my 2-year-old learn to code? How do we give our toddlers and preschoolers concrete  Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math (STEAM) experiences in a Montessori home?             Sugar and ice experiment here Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) education is an applied, exploratory approach that has gained prominence in education circles. Rightfully so,… Continue reading STEM, STEAM and Montessori