A Shared Bedroom for Siblings

It’s common to plunge into decorating your home and doing it all at once. But I believe in living in there for awhile, slowly observing the usage patterns of each family member (something I learnt during my Interior Design course at Central Saint Martin’s), and creating an environment that not only reflects those needs but… Continue reading A Shared Bedroom for Siblings

An interview with Carine Robin from Montessori-family (UK)

Jasmine: When I was in London, I had the pleasure of hearing about Carine Robin and the weekly Montessori playgroups she runs in Bedfordshire, United Kingdom (UK). I reached out to her and she very kindly answered some questions I had. (All photos in this post are courtesy of Carine, taken during her playgroups) 1.… Continue reading An interview with Carine Robin from Montessori-family (UK)

A Montessori Family’s Living Room

As a newly-minted minimalist relocating from London to Singapore (here’s our pre-minimalist house), it was obvious that we had changed and our home environment needed to as well. I spent the first month decluttering using the Konmari method, which really merits another post all on its own, so we were pretty much living in an… Continue reading A Montessori Family’s Living Room