A Montessori Family’s Living Room

As a newly-minted minimalist relocating from London to Singapore (here’s our pre-minimalist house), it was obvious that we had changed and our home environment needed to as well. I spent the first month decluttering using the Konmari method, which really merits another post all on its own, so we were pretty much living in an… Continue reading A Montessori Family’s Living Room

Why I Stopped Praising My Child

The Montessori approach to educating and raising children does not use rewards or punishments. We didn’t have sticker charts for toilet learning and we don’t give money for household chores (which are chores to us, but enjoyable to them). This is because such external factors undermine children’s intrinsic motivation, shifting them from doing something for pure… Continue reading Why I Stopped Praising My Child

A look inside the art studio of a Montessori/ Waldorf school (Part 2)

Last week, I shared with you about Woodentots (insta here and website here), a wonderful Montessori/ Waldorf school in London. If the setting was not gorgeous enough, they also have a children’s art studio in this lush garden. A cosy art studio filled with light… And all manner of loose parts. (Create your own art space at… Continue reading A look inside the art studio of a Montessori/ Waldorf school (Part 2)